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Although many people are unaware of the fact that pure beeswax candles are 100% natural, it is noteworthy to mention it to them so they can appreciate many of the reasons that this natural resource is really be best when it comes to quality. Many times when buying a product that is both natural and organic, there are not so favorable characteristics about the product. That is not the case with a beeswax candle since the yellowish color that is typically seen is 100% natural, there are not toxic odors or harm being done when burning this substance, and to put the icing on the cake there is a natural honey scent that accompanies the wax.

Unlike other types of synthetic candles that often does include a hint of natural wax, beeswax does not irritate people because of the smell of toxic artificial fragrances. This beautiful color, honey smelling, and cleaning burning source of light and beauty is definitely worth spending money on. Of course one could save some money by purchasing the ever so popular paraffin candle, but it is important for people to know the cons of making that decision. Without getting too much into detail, these candles have not been used for many years frankly due to the fact that they need A LOT of treatment to make them healthy enough to use. That doesn’t mean that the toxins, fragrances, and chemicals are completely harmless to it’s users… but people do use them and are fine doing that. However, if you have ever been bothered by the smell and odor of a candle or it made your allergies act up, then maybe you should look into buying and using beeswax candles.

If you are looking for a reason to buy and start using candles made of beeswax instead of other types, here are a FEW reasons to consider:

Reasons Why People Love, Buy & Use These Products

–    Beeswax seems to stand the test of time, literally 100s or 1000s of years. Both ancient and recent history shows that it does not expire, but instead can have an added element to the way it looks as time passes.
–    If you have allergies or are sensitive to artificial odors, scents, smoke soot, struggle with asthma, or other repertory issues… beeswax candles typically are free from irritating any of the aforementioned concerns.
–    Beeswax is a renewable substance. Since it is produced naturally by worker bees.
–    When compared to other types of candles, those made of beeswax can last 4-5 times longer than their competition
–    Although earlier it was mentioned that beeswax candles cost more, that is not always the case. It honestly depends on the place and time the candles are being purchased, because sometimes they are the cheapest option.
–    In most environments beeswax candles are drip-free; naturally.
–    Candles made of beeswax can burn a lot brighter and stronger that the competition.
–    A beeswax candle can be designed in a way to burn that will produce virtually no smoke soot.
–    Pure beeswax candles are 100% natural and for that reason they are non-toxic.

There are honestly more reasons that we could list and talk about at length which would help anyone see that candles made of beeswax are superior to any other candle, but we will save that for a different day. As you browse through the website you will find much information about beeswax candles with the intent of trying to educate you or anyone about this amazing product. If at any point you feel that something is missing or not understandable… please use the contact us page to let us know. If there is a specific piece of information or question you have about beeswax or beeswax candles, please also feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting, the #1 source for beeswax candles.

About Beeswax In General:

A Few Beeswax Blocks
Blocks of beeswax because of is formed.

Beeswax is a natural substance that is created and produced by bees in their own hives. In many parts of the world beeswax is accompanied by the honey that bees naturally produce in their hives as well; so the beeswax is just an additional substance that can be useful and beneficial. For many, the use of beeswax is not something that is common but whether they are aware of it or not… this wax has been used for ages; just about as long as we have been using honey from bees. Some of the most common uses for beeswax is for medicinal purposes, art, gardening, cosmetic make-up, furniture polish, and of course candles which provide much needed light.

Worker honey bees, which are all female, secrete this wax from glands that are on their bodies. These specific bees produce and use this wax to build the cells of the honeycomb where honey and pollen are kept, and young bees are until they are ready to get to work. Little did these bees know… that mankind for 1,000s of years would find value in and appreciate this wax that they naturally cultivate, use, and process.

Processing Beeswax For Use:

Wax Combs Being Made By Worker Honey Bees
A look at honey bees creating wax combs.

Typically beeswax is processed by beekeepers that are also in the business of extracting honey from beehives. From there they use a machine or a knife to remove the caps of wax from each of the cells of the honeycomb. When they do this, the wax is typically a light color; anywhere from white to a light brown, but most often it seems to be yellow. The color variation of the beeswax depends on the flowers that are being collected by the bees and how pure the wax is. This isn’t to say that the wax produced by bees can only come in a light color, because there are times that darker beeswax is collected. This wax usually comes from the brood comb of a honey bee hive since this is where impurities come together quicker. It is because of these impurities that this dark beeswax needs to be rendered before selling and using.

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