Scented Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Scented Candles
A few different colored scented pure beeswax candles.

First of all, allow us to take a minute to address all of you who stumbled upon this page and find the idea of a scented beeswax candle preposterous. We all know how amazing pure beeswax candles smell since they have a natural aroma that smells much like fresh honey; but for some people… that is just not what they want on a specific occasion or in a certain environment. So instead of possibly criticizing those who are looking for these candles with a specific aroma, we suggest that you try finding a beeswax candle that has been altered by adding a particular fragrance to it, burning it, then pass your judgment after you try it yourself.

There are quite a few of paraffin candles that proudly boast as being the best smelling candles in the world, some of which are almost believably true. But anyone who knows about paraffin vs beeswax would know that once those candles reach the bottom or are put out, the terrible odors that come from the burned wick is not enjoyable to anyone. It is for that reason that many people want beeswax candles that are scented since that “side effect”, for lack of a better term, will not be an issue. Some people do not burn candles for the light they produce or the way they look, but instead they use them for the aromas that they produce. That being the case, if people want to have a candle that smells like fresh apple pie but at the same time have it not be made from paraffin… they have the right to be able to do so.

For those that are interested in making scented beeswax candles at home, there are a few words of advice and reminders we would like to give you. First of all, keep in mind that making quality and nice smelling scented candles using beeswax is a process that takes some time and tons of patience. The reason being that since beeswax already has a natural aroma; to get the desired artificial odor will require that you suppress the honey aroma that comes from beeswax which can be a process. Many times people get frustrated during this process because it is not as straightforward as it might seem, so that is why we are giving you the reminder to be patient. To help save some time and guarantee success would be to try to find recipes that people have made which specify exactly which mixtures are needed to produce the desired aroma. Another caution is keeping in mind that beeswax candles burn at a higher temperature that paraffin candles, and many times the scented oils use burn at much lower temperatures so when you mix high temperatures with something that burns at low temperatures… the result can be a combustible product… so be careful with mixing these oils.

So with those things mentioned, enjoy some of the pictures of different scented beeswax candles that people have either made or companies are currently selling. Enjoy!

Scented Beeswax Candles Burning
A close up of a group of scented pillar beeswax candles burning.
Designed Scented Beeswax Candles
What a wonderful thing it is to have well designed candles with a perfect aroma to match.

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